$1 million of Iranian cash stolen from Russian Foreign Ministry in broad daylight after being stashed in vodka box– reports

In a noticeably Russian handle The Italian Job, an authorities has actually apparently been jailed after a bold break-in at Moscow’s diplomatic head office. Around $1 million of state funds is stated to have actually been taken from avodka box

The REN TELEVISION network reported on Thursday that the funds were part of a $1.5 million payment from Iran in exchange for offering consular services. The cash, which they state had actually been couriered by diplomats, was provided to the workplace of the financing department’s leading expert, Natalia Agaltsova, in 2 bags and a sealed box of Swedish tipple, Absolut.

Agaltsova declares she sounded the alarm when she went to count the cash, and understood that, while on top of each stack was a $100 costs, the rest had actually been changed with $1 notes, leaving more than $1 million missing out on.

Iran, which sets up cash transfers since of US-driven sanctions troubled its banking system, had actually apparently handed the cash over to Russia’s ambassadorin Tehran Embassy authorities then apparently licensed that all the cash existed and sealed it inside containers which were safeguarded day-and-night by security.

The civil servant declares that she stressed when she saw the level of the missing funds and tried to cover the deficiency with cash from a register in the workplace, along with $200,000 of her own cost savings. She even obtained a bank loan to assist comprise the distinction however, when it was turned down, REN TELEVISION reports, Agaltsova tried to end her life. Reports state the authorities was at first apprehended prior to being positioned under home arrest while examinations continued. She is now based on take a trip limitations and is prohibited from leaving her regional area while queries occur.

New disclosures from the investigative group expose that, over the course of 3 days at the end of 2019, the cash was slipped out of the ministryin broad daylight They indicate security video footage in which Agaltsova can be seen leaving her workplace with 2 jam-packed bags as proof. A male who dealt with Agaltsova was obviously likewise at first apprehended by the authorities, however has actually considering that been launched and required questioning as a witness.

While information of the case are still uncertain, REN TELEVISION transmitted an interview with a Moscow homeowner who declared to be a neighbour of Agaltsova’s, and firmly insisted that she and her partner had actually offered him a locked box to lookafter He declares that detectives later on found more than $148,000 inside.

Later on Thursday, the Foreign Ministry verified to RIA Novosti that a large amount of cash had actually been taken from the structure, which the case was presently being settled in the courts.

In 2019, a federal government minister was apprehended on suspicion of taking funds from the state. Mikhail Abyzov, who had actually been in charge of the ‘Open Government’ effort was jailed by the FSB, the nation’s leading security force, over accusations he embezzled more than $62 million of taxpayers’ cash. He is now waiting for trial, and his post has actually been eliminated.

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