Everything AMD just revealed at its RX 6000 graphics card event – Video

I’m so excited excited to share with you for the very first time the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT.
Now isn’t this just absolutely gorgeous?
And you’ll see that it’s actually relatively compact for all the performance that it delivers.
It’s actually the same size as our 6800 XT card.
Our top of the stack Radeon GPU is built for the ultimate in 4K gaming performance.
The 6900 XT combines 80 compute units with a 225 Giga Hertz boost clock to deliver even more performance at the highest settings.
With 16 gigabytes of graphics memory, the 6900 XT is ready for the most demanding next gen games.
And with the power efficiency of RDNA 2, we’ve been able to deliver all of this with the total Watt power of 300 Watts.
Running at 4K with the highest settings, the 6900 XT looks absolutely fantastic.
It’s extremely competitive across the board, consistently delivering high frame rates in your favorite games.
Just take a look at the performance we see against the competition in Battlefield 5, Call of Duty and Gears of War 5. All of this is at lower power with a smaller card form factor.
Now let’s talk about price and availability.
The AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT will be available on December 8th starting at $999.
Allow me to introduce you to our brand new AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card.
The 6800 XT is purposefully designed to play all of your favorite AAA games at 4K and below resolutions and at the highest quality settings available.
It comes with 72 compute units and runs with the game Clock over 2 Giga Hertz.
This card features a 2.25 Giga Hertz boost clock that pushes some of the highest frequencies we’ve ever achieved.
All thanks to the incredible work done by our engineering team on the RDNA 2 architecture.
The 6800 XT will also feature 128 megabytes of Infinity cash that is power efficient while driving the bandwidth needed for high resolution gaming.
Paired with 16 gigabytes of blazing fast GDDR 6 memory, you’ll be ready for the most demanding high resolution games that you want to play.
And we’ve delivered all of this incredible performance with a total board power of just 300 Watts.
As you can see, the 6800 XT not only delivers on 4K 60 frames per second, but in most cases, it overperforms.
We’ve been maxing out all the settings in games like Battlefield 5, Borderlands 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare and the performance has just been awesome to experience.
Let’s take a look at how the 6800 XT competes head to head against the latest offering from the competition.
Here we compared their best API scores to our best API scores, the best versus the best.
And as you can see, the 6800 XT trades blows an has some significant wins across a variety of titles.
And it does all of this at less power consumption than the competition.
For 1440P gamers out there, we have some great results for you too.
Over the last several years, more and more gamers have adopted 1440P monitors as their display of choice.
Here are the same games we showed you before running the same best first best API scenario at 1440P resolution.
I personally love seeing so many games running at over 100 frames per second with all of the settings maxed out.
This is just an incredible amount of performance.
All in all, the 6800 XT is a fantastic choice for enthusiast gamers.
I’m happy to announce that the Radeon RX 1600 XT will be available on November 18th starting at $649.
But we’re not done yet.
Today we are also announcing the Radeon RX 6800 with 60 compute units of 1.815 Giga Hertz game clock, with a boost clock of over 2.1 Giga Hertz.
It will feature the same 128 megabytes of Infinity cache and be available with 16 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory with the board power of just 250 Watts.
The Radeon RX 6800 is a fantastic entry into 4K gaming delivering more performance than the 2080 TI which was launched at $999.
The 6800 delivers over 60 frames per second in all of these games, giving you the confidence you need to step into the 4K gaming experience.
That same great performance extends to 1440P resolution where the RX 6800 tears through the latest games, delivering about 18% more performance than the 2080 TI on average.
The Radeon RX 6800 will be available to gamers starting at a price of $579 on November 18th.
You asked for AMD to bring the highest graphics performance to the gaming market, and we’re doing just that.
I hope you now feel that with the rise in 5000 series and the Radeon 6000 series, AMD is your best choice for your next generation PC gaming platform.
Whether you want to game with ultimate performance and AAA titles at 4K resolution or you’re an E sports fan, who needs incredibly high frame rates and responsiveness.
Across the board for every gamer at every price, AMD has a CPU and GPU combination for you.
So I hope you’re as excited as we are.
We can’t wait to get these products in your hands.
So look for the Ryzen 5000 series starting November 5th, the Radeon RX 6800 series starting November 18th and the Radeon RX 6900 XT starting December 8th.
To wrap up here, this has been quite a journey for us, and I’m incredibly proud of our CPU and GPU teams who have worked years for this moment.


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