For the countryside, the political risk is much greater than the climate one

“When I saddle up my horse, I take off across the sands and in the middle of the road I have already forgotten the sorrows,” Atahualpa Yupanqui knew how to write in his stone chacarera. But judging by a study on the mood of the producers, the penalties seem to be very present.

The survey, an initiative of Amplificagro of the Sinopsis consultancy, was carried out between September 23 and 28 in 456 establishments. It was before knowing the reduction of withholdings of three points for soybeans with which the Government seeks to seduce to promote the liquidation of the old harvest.

The reaction from the field is likely to be weak considering that the grain in the silobolsa is synonymous with hard currency for producers who believe in 62.3% of the cases that their situation this year is worse than last year. And 61.8% think that 2021 will be even worse than this year. This lack of horizon influences decisions. The perception about the government’s economic policy and the performance of the President are negative. Furthermore, 63% consider that the political risk is much greater than the climate one.

Of course it is not the end of the world. When asked what the current situation is, it is negative for 21.5% and the majority are perceived in a regular state, neither good nor bad.

Beef and dairy farming together with extensive agriculture have the most positive view.

When analyzed by sectors, it is observed that the most negative perception comes from the regional economies due to their cargo in freight to ports and higher costs.

The survey aims to show that the size of the establishment also plays a role. The largest, in a proportion of 30%, are the most pessimistic.

When inquiring about the main demands, the proposals do not differ from the rest of the businessmen. Almost unanimously (92%) raise the need for clear rules.

They are followed by lowering the tax pressure, strategic planning, infrastructure improvements, long-term loans, skilled labor and a reduction in labor cost in the last order with 33%.

Of course, unlike other sectors of the business environment, to the concern of what is in their vision the main problem that affects the country, the answer in 53% is corruption.

Then they mention inflation, education, unemployment, health, insecurity and drug trafficking.

The survey finds that there are open wounds with the Government. When asked about the performance of Alberto Fernández, 86.6% said that it is between bad and very bad.

In the same way, 82.9% rate policies towards the countryside. They also point out that the weight of the Ministry of Agriculture in decisions is almost nil.

And they evaluate 96.5% as bad and very bad economic policy. In this context, another worrying news emerges: the willingness to invest is low, only for 53.5% of those consulted.

Another piece of information: for the countryside, political risk (63%) is greater than climate (18.4%) or financial (5.9%).

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