George Blake, famous Soviet double agent who fled to Russia after London prison break, dies at 98– DHT Russia & Former Soviet Union

British spy, turned Soviet double agent, George Blake has actually passed away in Moscow, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has actually revealed. The unrepentant communist was 98 and held the rank of colonel in the Russian organization.

“We have received bitter news, the legendary George Blake is gone,” SVR representative Sergey Ivanov informed Russian media onSaturday

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Blake, a member of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), ended up being a communist while working as a detainee of war inKorea (*98 *) 1953 Blake notified Soviet intelligence of United States and British strategies to develop a tunnel into the Soviet- inhabited zone of Berlin to surveil landline interactions at the Soviet Army head office. The Soviets uncovered the tunnel 2 years later on, after performing a sophisticated operation in which they fed western spies false information. The intelligence leakage and the Soviet operation was just found by MI6 after Blake was exposed as a double agent, almost 10 years later on.

(*98 *) 1961, the British spy was captured passing tricks to the Soviet Union’s secret authorities, the KGB, and was sentenced to 42 years behind bars. He handled to escape from Wormwood Scrubs prison in London in 1966 and get awayto East Germany

Despite his innovative age, Blake stayed active in Russian intelligence circles. He got the nation’s Order of Friendship in 2007. Ten years later on, he launched a declaration in which he declared that Russian spies have actually been entrusted with “the difficult and critical mission” of securing the world from self-destruction due to the ongoing danger of nuclear war.

“It’s a true battle between good and evil,” he stated at the time.

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