Google Doodle reminds you to vote on Election Day



Election Day is just two days away in the US, and Google wants to be sure you remember to vote. Google on Sunday replaced its usual search page logo with buttons decorated with the Stars and Stripes and messages that encourage you to “Go Vote,” in English and in Spanish.

The race for the White House between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is capturing much of the public’s attention, there are also several close Senate races that will determine whether control of the Senate stays in Republican hands or taken over by the Democrats. There are 14 seats up for grabs, and current balance of the Republican-controlled Senate is 53 to 47.

Over on the House, all 435 seats are up for elections. Democrats currently have a 232-197 advantage over Republicans, so Republicans would need a net gain of 21 seats to win a majority in the chamber.

There are also several important measures and office races at the state and local levels that voters need to decide.

More than 91 million ballots have been cast as of Saturday, but there are still voters who need to visit the polls on Tuesday or mail their ballots. The Doodle will help you find your polling place, give you information about absentee ballots as well as linking to tools that will help explain the voting process in both English and Spanish.


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