Sonos Upgrade program offers up to 30 percent off new devices without junking your old ones



Looking to expand your Sonos whole-home audio system? The company has a new upgrade program that gives users of older products discounts of up to 30 percent on new items — without the need to “junk” their current devices.

Sonos is offering the following savings to current owners:

To get the discount, sign in to and see which of your products are eligible. Sonos says the discount doesn’t time out and that you can still use the older speakers afterward. 

The new offer differs from Sonos’ original Trade-Up program, which required users to put the speaker into a Recycle mode, which essentially made it unusable. While this requirement was eventually reversed, the program still required Sonos owners to send their speakers back to the company or take them to an e-waste facility. 

It’s worth noting that the older Sonos speakers on this list, as announced in January, still won’t be able to be upgraded with new features, and a system with any outdated speakers on it won’t get updates either. Users who upgrade these components could still choose to sell or give their old speakers away. 


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