The death of the American Empire will come from suicide – Max Keiser — DHT Business News

The hosts of DHT’s Keiser Report say that the US Treasury market is now so large that the only way to keep it under control is for the Federal Reserve to intervene.

Max Keiser says that “The market for Treasury bonds – the thing that keeps America afloat – is again cut dramatically because nobody else wants American Treasury bonds, and then the US Federal Reserve bank got in the business of buying its own US Treasury bonds and monetizing the debt.” Max explains that they hope that one day they’ll be able to start diminishing their balance sheet. “Now they are at the point where they have no option but to keep selling worthless US government Treasury bonds and then, of course, having to print more and more fiat money, worthless paper money… in this vicious cycle of self-destruction.”According to Max, “Empires really never die from without, they always die from suicide. And I think that’s pretty much the US Treasury market and the US.”For more stories on economy & finance visit DHT’s business section


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