The numbers produced by the corn season: record exports in volume but with a slight drop in values

The 2019/20 corn harvest with commercial grain destination has just concluded with 50 million tons, according to data from the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange, exceeding in volume the soybean harvest for the first time in the entire Weekly Agricultural Panorama series, which has been producing the entity for 20 years.

In any case, total production fell 1.2% against the previous cycle despite the fact that the area was the same with 6.3 million hectares. But the harvest is 38% higher than the last 5 years.

In this sense, the national average yield was 8,170 kilos per hectare, below the value of the previous season, which had obtained 8,310 kilos.

Exports is another of the highlights of the corn season in which a record is expected with 37.5 million tons, 500,000 tons more than the price cycle.

But the collection would fall to 5,591 million dollars against 6,631 million dollars the previous year. According to data from the Buenos Aires entity, so far, the export and industrial sectors bought 32.67 million tons, 9% more than the 2018/19 season). This is 65% of the total, 17.33 million tons remain to be sold

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