Unboxing the Xbox Series S: See what’s inside – Video

I just got the new Xbox Series S, and I cannot wait to crack it open.
I think I got everything I need.
I’ve got of course, the Xbox itself still boxed up.
I’ve got Mr. cutty knife over here and I’ve also got coffee to keep me nicely caffeinated throughout.
Perfect, and where to begin.
Okay, we’ve got nice tabs on the side.
So maybe not even going to need captain slice over here.
How are your dreams?
Thanks Xbox, I will power my dreams.
Okay, I don’t need that.
This one on this side,
Can go as well.
Okay, here we go which way, no there’s one here too.
Okay, I think I’m opening it upside down.
So once these are off, which they are, we can flippity flip just like this.
And go,
Power your dreams.
Wow, okay.
So I’ve not seeing this console really at all before.
This is so much smaller.
Then I’m just gonna push my monitor out of the way and hopefully, [SOUND] this is how small the actual console is.
This is so much smaller than I thought it was.
Look at that, its mini.
Yeah is expecting this one to be maybe this sort of size, quite a bit wider.
Almost kind of the size of the current an Xbox 1X, and maybe the Series X would be even bigger.
So yeah, this is actually pretty cool.
So let’s slide off the Power Your Dreams.
You just slide it away.
Slide it away.
Wrapping with recyclable icon, so that will go in the recycling, good.
Cuz I don’t want anything going to the landfill.
And here we are.
The Xbox Series S, whites with the big black vent grill, which I still think looks like a speaker.
So it looks like when you’ve got it set up, your gaming sound is gonna be coming out of here, but it isn’t.
But it looks like it, doesn’t it?
Yeah, I think it does.
We’ve got the nice front here.
We’ve got our Xbox logo, which I think that’s the power.
Clickety click, yes it is.
Pairing thing and a USB port.
Then around the back, we’ve got Ethernet, two USB ports, HDMI storage expansion.
So yeah, this is 512 gigabyte SSD, but you can expand that and get the SSD cards and yeah.
Power, of course, that’s pretty much.
Because consoles don’t need a lot of stuff.
But yeah, there we go.
Maybe let’s get the box out of the way and have another look at the console by itself, because I do think it looks pretty cool.
It’s very, very neat.
It’s gonna fit under the TV in a really nice way.
I think if I have a sort of house where I don’t really want it to be kind of seen that I’ve got lots of consoles, lots of games and things.
This is definitely kind of the one that I would want to go for, cuz it just looks like it’s gonna slide under your TV, and basically sit there completely unnoticed.
The Series X, again I haven’t seen it in person yet, but it is bigger and it looks like you’ve got a thing there.
So this one might be built in a bit more inconspicuous.
And I think same goes for PS5 because it’s got that quite sort of futuristic design, sort of the color stuff as well.
Maybe that I think looks more like a console.
This kind of looks like it could be sort of anything.
Okay, right we have a getting started guide.
And more packaging, again these cardboard is a recyclable.
It’s very good.
I am not tolerating any company which is gonna ship things with unrecyclable single use plastic, isn’t okay anymore.
And we’ve got HDMI cable because of course we have.
We’ve got a power plug UK spec.
Of course the UK has the best plug shape and that’s all there is to it.
That is there, and of course, we’ve got the new controller.
So we can crack this shiny new friend open.
Get it out of the recyclable packaging.
[SOUND] That’s not gonna stay clean and white for long.
That’s going to have biscuit crumbs tea, coffee, jam smeared all over it within a few days.
And then we close we’ve got product and regulatory guide.
I’m not going to read this.
Who does?
Absolutely no one.
Let’s get it out of here.
What’s this though?
I mean, it looks like one of those do not disturb signs that you hang on your hotel room door when you’re still sitting on the toilet for 45 minutes and you don’t want to come in and clean.
I’m not gonna read all this because who cares, I wanna hold the controller though.
It does feel very nothing.
It feels pretty much unchanged from the last one.
It is all plastic.
I’d quite like a nice rubberized soft touch feel, but yeah, I think I could get away with using this really well.
Musty buds, buttons, button, USBC for charging and connecting.
That’s good.
None of this micro USB nonsense, and takes batteries, which will be rechargeable ones.
So although I still think that maybe they could just make the controller itself rechargeable.
Would not be too much to ask.
Stop people relying on batteries all the time.
I don’t know.
Tell me in the comments if you think I’m a fool, a fool.
But that’s it, that’s for laugh.
We can bring this back in, let’s get rid of the cables, these.
They are gone.
Let’s get rid of Mr. cutty knife as well and maybe just move my microphone out of the way.
So we can get a nicer top down view, cuz it’s all about the top down, isn’t it?
This is it, this is the Xbox Series X. I think it looks really nice.
Visually I prefer the look of the Series S over the Series X. It looks cleaner.
It looks neater.
It’s certainly smaller.
I like the white controller, I think looked pretty cool.
But the Xbox Series X is of course the bigger, more powerful one, it does 4K or 8K.
It does better framerates.
It does all the stuff you basically expect from proper next Gen gaming.
So I’m very much looking forward to getting hold of that, but that is everything on the Xbox Series S.
If you have enjoyed this, make sure to hit that Like button, subscribe to CNET for a lot more gaming stuff.
And I’m gonna finish my coffee and fire this up.


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