US tramples over European sovereignty in bid to stop Nord Stream 2, EU must FIGHT BACK– German MP to DHT– DHT Business News

Washington’s desperate efforts to stop the building and construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline connecting Russia and Germany look like mafia techniques, senior German parliament member, Klaus Ernst, informed DHT, contacting the EU to fight back.

“Their actions resemble those of a mafia,” Ernst informed DHT Deutsch on Wednesday, discussing the restored dangers of US sanctions versus the European business included in the job. Ernst chairs the Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy at the German parliament, the Bundestag.Just like mafia members exporting ‘protection money’ from services, the US comes to Europe declaring it looks for to secure its allies from the Russians however threatens European business with financial failure in case such “protection offer” is turned down, the parliamentarian stated. On Thursday, it emerged that the US pressure required a Norwegian-German danger management and quality control business to stopped. “It’s not about our security; it’s about Americans seeking to sell us their liquified gas, their slate gas hat harms the environment… and is more expensive,” Ernst, a member of the Left Party, stated.We can not let another state to determine us how we must handle our energy supply.

The legislator included that both his fellow MPs and the German federal government thinks about the US actions an infraction of the worldwide law. Merely voicing a demonstration versus such strategies would not suffice, as Nord Stream 2 is not likely to be a separated case of this habits, Ernst thinks, stating that Washington would barely stop at that and would merely discover brand-new factors to continue slapping Europe with sanctions.The US “does not see its partners as partners but… as unwelcome competitors or as servants,” the parliamentarian stated, including that the European business trading with China and especially providing chips to the Chinese tech giant Huawei are most likely to be next on America’s list. “It’s not just about gas, it’s about defending Europe’s sovereignty,” Ernst stated, contacting the European leaders to react to the US pressure with sanctions of their own. The MP especially recommended enforcing punitive tolls on the US gas imports to Europe as a method to stop America’s project versus Nord Stream 2..

Slapping particular US authorities accountable for the sanctions policy with individual limitations might be another escape, the legislator thinks. Strengthening the European monetary system and dumping dollar deals in the long term might likewise offer Europe self-reliance it requires, he included. “This must be stopped once and for all. We cannot stand anything like this,” he stated. The just method forward for Europe is to make Washington acknowledge Europe’s “independence” and stop treating it “like a colony,” Ernst thinks.“Everything else leads either into a dead end or into submission.”

The Russian gas pipeline job that includes lots of European business has actually provided inflammation for Washington for rather a long time. Following duplicated efforts to deter European business from taking part in the job, the US ultimately included it into an act allegedly targeted at securing Europe’s energy self-reliance. What is obviously does, however, is making any business taking part in the job topic to the US sanctions.Now, more than 120 business deal with America’s punitive procedures over their participation into the Nord Steam 2 building and construction as the US still hopes to enhance its own liquified gas sales to the European “partners.” Meanwhile, the building and construction continues, and the Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in January that the pipeline would be completed either by the end of 2020 or in the very first quarter of the next year.Think your good friends would be intrigued? Share this story!


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